Will Travel :: The Birthday Party vs. The Blood Test

solutionThere’s always something with cancer.  Sunday is my grandson’s birthday party with his friends, and feeling great as I am, my blood work sucks!  How is this even possible?  I’m freakin’ mowing the lawn, when previous chemo sessions left me barely able to get off the toilet, and now I have bad blood?

My doctor came out with this news citing a litany of things and food — since when do doctors care about what you eat? — that are veritable death threats when you have low blood counts and cancer.  Forget people.  No people.  Blueberries evidently are agents of potential death as they are a thin-skinned fruit.  What happened to the antioxidants?   Raw fish?  Kill me now.

This is why you should stick to red wine for your antioxidant fix.  And dark chocolate.

“Take your temperature twice a day,” he intoned.  “Anything over 100.4, go directly to the emergency room so you can have a transfusion.”

“I don’t have a fever, I feel great.”

A glare back and a reminder of the twice daily temperature test.

“But I don’t have a fever.  Never felt better.  See my new diet?”

“We’ll get to that later, let me finish.”

(OK, Dad.)  Blah, Blah, blah.

“What about a tiny little kid’s birthday party on Sunday?  It’s my grandson’s almost birthday party with his friends.”

“Hmmm,” he pondered, “I’d rather you didn’t.”

A glare back from me and he offered the compromise of having my blood retested tomorrow, so when it’s fine as I suspect it will be, I can stop taking the antibiotic and go off to the party.

Not part of the compromise, but between you and me, if it’s still not fine, I’ll continue with the antibiotic and go off to the party, perhaps for a shorter time.

And try my very best not to exchange bodily fluids with an 9 year old now that I’ve become one!













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