Will Travel :: Follow the Money…

…and chew on this infographic:


No shocker that even with 14,000 deaths a year ovarian cancer doesn’t even make the list in either category.  However, it is shocking that heart disease, the #1 killer, gets 20% of what breast cancer gets, which logs in at fourth place after heart disease, diabetes and COPD.

But heart disease, diabetes and COPD are largely lifestyle diseases, whereas breast cancer is, well, cancer.  And it’s got the word “breast” in it.

Seems like the Food Industrial Complex along with the Medical Industrial Complex (including the drug industry) has got the media’s attention and all of us bewitched, befuddled and bewildered.

The only disease over the last 30 years that’s even approached the type of result that we would hope for all of these diseases is HIV/AIDS and that’s because good science, good funding, great PR (thanks to Hollywood and LOT of very courageous people) and great medicine bucked convention and enormous social stigma and not only developed better drugs, but better ways to use them. They effectively took a disease that carried a 100% death sentence and changed it into a chronic disease.  Glad to see those mortality numbers so low.

We have this knowledge now for many diseases, but no will to bring it to light. Today we have limited government funding, doctors held hostage by convention, the MIC and operating on scientific premises based upon the corporate agendas of those institutions who are largely funding research–the drug companies and agribusiness.

So next time you feel the urge to write a check and were thinking pink, please rethink that.  And ask yourself this, 41,000 women (and men) die of breast cancer every year and yet breast cancer is the largest recipient of health related donations.  So  where IS that money going?  It certainly hasn’t resulted in wildly better results in mortality, or any knowledge about prevention or causation.  In fact, in the 70’s 1 in 10 people got breast cancer, now it’s 1 in 8.

Follow the money….




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