Will Travel :: No Bra, a Shower, Brownies & DWTS!!

braYesterday I went without a bra for the first time in two weeks.  It doesn’t seem that long when you write it, but believe me, you wear a bra for 336 hours straight (yes, I changed it…lol) and you’d be happy too.  Unless, of course, you’re the type who only feels complete with a bra on.  I envy and pity you simultaneously.

And I took a nice hot shower.  Before “Dancing with the Stars,” whoever they are.  The stars I mean.  The only ones I know are Tavis Smiley and Betsey Johnson.  I was grateful to have the surgery before the new TV season started so I didn’t have to rent the TV in the room.  I do have a tablet which works just fine to entertain me when there’s nothing on TV, which for me, is a lot of the time.

Seems hard to believe that a scant two weeks ago there was no DWTS, it was fuurrrreeeezzzzzzing out on a September 8th and even colder in the holding pattern they had me in before surgery which was MUCH later than they had scheduled, I had a simple (medical lingo) mastectomy with a reconstruction.  Simple to them.

And three days later (I connived to stay an extra day.  Hey, they were feeding me not bad food and I had a lovely room) I was back to doing pretty much normal things if you count emptying a surgical drain 2-3 times a day and wondering why I felt like a crippled marionette with too short strings attached to my arms (still do).

Wait til I get radiation.  My plastic surgeon told me today that I may experience some hardness of the skin in the area they radiate.  Sclera derma, anyone?  Only my friend Susie will get this and laugh.  You had to be there.

But now that it’s free (when you love something, set it free) how’s the boob feeling two weeks later,  you wonder?  The boob feels fine.  Although not pretty yet, it’s still lumpy, a little black and blue in a spot, and there are stitches galore, but I’m told it will fall into shape in a couple of months.  But I don’t feel empty or unbalanced or anything, just a little sore around the incisions, but that’s what the percocet is for…lol.

Oh, and the brownies.  Where did they fit in?  Right around the time DWTS started.  Girl’s gotta live.

Who do you think is going home?









3 responses to “Will Travel :: No Bra, a Shower, Brownies & DWTS!!

  1. Yup, I just got it DWTS 🙂


  2. Ok, what did I miss DWTS? It is really beyond me how you do it AND never even complain!! Mastectomy and reconstruction ALL at once…..ouch to say the least!! They are both very painful surgeries, Percocet or not. And wearing the bra for 2 weeks, most days I can’t wait to just get it off at the end of the day! To me you are the cancer warrior, and cancer watch out!! Kick it’s butt!!!
    Loving you,


    • I will take the applause for wearing a bra for two weeks. A sports bra no less. The worst! Ha! I’m the same, can’t wait to take it off at day’s end. No sense in complaining, it just puts you in a bad place. Don’t want to waste precious time here on earth. Betsey Johnson stayed on her feet. The girl from Duck Dynasty’s gonna win, I’m predicting. She’s adorable and a great dancer!


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