Have Cancer :: Team Sport

dochouseThey weren’t kidding when they said you would build a team when you have cancer.  And I’m on a budget, constrained to practitioners that accept Medicare.  I can’t even imagine how big a team I might create if I could afford all the care I might want to avail myself of while being chopped up, poisoned and burned.

First, there’s a primary care physician.  You have to have one because they always ask.  Okay, most people have one of those.  I already have an opthomologist as I have glaucoma.  Oops, I do need to see him, too.  Damn, another doctor’s appointment.  And a gastroenterologist.  A surgeon,  an oncologist.and a gynecological oncologist.

Then I acquired a geneticist, a plastic surgeon, and a radiological oncologist.  That’s three surgeons and two oncologists.  If I had my way and access to unlimited funds, I might also go to an integrative oncologist.  That would be three for three on the chopping up vs. poisoning and burning.  Actually, no, an integrative oncologist would try to mitigate the poisoning and burning, so it would still be three for two, chopping up vs. poisoning and burning.  Maybe I better find one who accepts Medicare, but that will be a challenge as the services they provide just aren’t covered, unless they do some fancy coding on their billing.  Ahem.  I just need to find the time and energy to take on seeing another doctor somewhat regularly.

What is an integrative oncologist, you ask??

Integrative oncology focuses on the roles of complementary therapies such as meditation and other mind–body approaches, music therapy, massage and other touch therapies, acupuncture, natural health products (botanicals, for example), nutrition, fitness therapies, and more. Its goal is to increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment programs, to reduce symptoms, and to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

As I believe that cancer is the body’s reaction to a myriad of stressors all coming together in a “perfect storm” if you will, anything that can de-stress the body can’t be bad, whether that’s nutritionally, physiologically, environmentally, emotionally or otherwise.  First do no harm, and eating well, exercising, taking carefully selected supplements, getting massage, etc. certainly doesn’t hurt.  Many people with privileged lifestyles do just that all the time because it feels good, makes them look better and be better.

I think I need to make up some tee-shirts for my team, I think a lot of them.  Team is growing fast.  Team Janice.  Has a ring to it, don’t you think?  See, Gwen Stefani–you’re not the only one with a team with cool tee-shirts.   Do you think Dr. House would be on my team?




One response to “Have Cancer :: Team Sport

  1. House would flippin love you and so do I!! You consistently amaze me with your blogs! I know your book would be a best seller! Keep hanging in there chickie, YOU are one amazing woman! You remain in my prayers 🙂
    Love you,


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