Will Travel :: Team Janice Walks!

supportconnection-logoFor those who think all doctors are cynical, out for the money and committed to keeping a cure for cancer out of reach of people so that they can make lots of money, first of all, you’ve probably never had a life threatening disease, and secondly, never considered how illogical that is when doctors and researchers, and yes, even the boobs in Washington and their families and friends get cancer too.

Luckily for me, I have an excellent team of doctors, all really caring and competent, good senses of humor.  Well, maybe not all of them on the sense of humor part but no one’s perfect.  It’s just that humor is important to me as I rely on it to make it through life, and so far, it’s served me well.

But even at that, I thought it was really a lovely surprise to learn that my plastic surgeon, Dr. Thakur, and her daughters walked for Team Janice at a local breast/ovarian cancer walk sponsored by Support Connection last Sunday!  How sweet and kind of them.  I’ve never even met her daughters, so an extra high five to them for being such caring young women.

Support Connection, for those who don’t know is a not-for-profit organization that provides free emotional, social and educational support to women, their families and friends affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Although their office is in Yorktown Heights, NY, they help people all over the country via their toll-free services at 1-800-532-4290.

In addition to the above mentioned walk which was a local event, they offer other services such as national toll-free educational teleconferences and webinars and peer counseling with professional counselors who are also cancer survivors.

So Team Janice is official thanks to Dr. Thakur.  I think I might really need those tee-shirts.


One response to “Will Travel :: Team Janice Walks!

  1. I worked with a Dr. Thakur in LV and she was amazing also, wonder if they could be related?! So nice to hear such lovely news, hope you’re doing well! Love ya, Bonnie ❤ 🙂


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