Will Travel :: You’re as Good as your Gut

irritable-bowel-syndrome-pain_not_from_IBS_1Seems these days I’m thinking a lot about my gut.   A couple of weeks ago I posted about gut instincts, this week I’m dealing with my gut flora, if you will, the state of health of my digestive system.   Maybe there is something to how powerful your gut really is in your overall health.  I certainly seem to be finding this out, one painful experience at a time.

As you know, my implant developed an infection and for approximately 8 weeks I was bombarded with antibiotics to try to save poor LaBoobie.  While I’ve never been one to take antibiotics, I have on very few occasions done so, and am aware that one should eat yogurt to avoid complications like yeast infections. This seemed to do the trick for me for the usual 10-day course of your garden variety antibiotic.

However, this 8-week stint involved heavy-duty intravenously administered antibiotics as well as similarly high-powered orally administered ones, given simultaneously at times, and until the last one, clindamycin, everything was cool.  Then things became decidedly uncool, but at that point I’d already had LaBoobie removed, had done two weeks of other antibiotics post surgically, never mind the 6 weeks of pre-surgical antibiotics, so I decided to just stopped taking the clindamycin.  I did immediately feel better, and then felt even better than that!  Good job, Janice.

Well, while I was congratulating myself on being so smart, I guess the multiple ibstypes of antibiotics given over a relatively lengthy period of time, coupled with colon surgery and gall bladder removal (as part of my debulking surgery), being over a certain age, ahem, and having had a lot of chemo, my tummy decided to rebel once and for all on Thanksgiving night (thank goodness AFTER I ate and drank and had a lovely time).

So here i sit, eating LOTS of yogurt and rice, no wine (again???  come on, guys!) because alcohol is definitely a trigger for me, waiting for Amazon to deliver my probiotic, especially designed for antibiotic induced IBS.

Amazingly, doctors prescribed these things to me knowing my situation and yet no one even suggested a probiotic.  I knew about them from reading about the immune system and how probiotics can help you out when you’re undergoing chemo and your immune system is compromised.

Sites like the Mayo clinic grudgingly admit that there is some evidence that certain strains of probiotics might be helpful (of course they always say more research is needed).  Luckily they did point out the specific strains that seem to be helpful with my situation, antibiotic induced IBS.  Amazingly, the standard of care is to give you an antibiotic for it!  Not.

And you can’t just take any probiotic, it seems.  That’s why you’ll see 300 people love one, but 50 hate it.  Everybody’s system is a little different and at a different level of disrepair.  There are the basic strains which comprise a lot of the flora in our systems, but then there are other ones too.  I’m hoping I made the right choice based upon what the Mayo Clinic reported.  It seems there might be a little trial and error involved.

I do know that eating LOTS of good organic yogurt (after every meal) and adding some rice to my diet seems to have quieted things down.  Thank goodness. Maybe I can get to the post office now to mail some stuff.

So I’m finding I should be following my gut not just to gauge my true feelings, but to see how I doing physically.  Some of those annoying feelings of unwellness we all feel from time to time or even more frequently, and brush off, even things seemingly ungut-like:  skin conditions, headaches, lack of energy, might just be in our guts.








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