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As unlikely as it seems, it’s time to get to work. I’m feeling well, and goodness knows, need some extra money.  What kind of work, though?  At this stage of my life, I’m hardly employable, nor would I blame anyone for not wanting to hire someone with time commitments as I have.

So, back to network marketing, where you can start a business for next to nothing, work at your own pace, and hope that it all works out.

But I’ve done a bunch of those and the problem always for me is the structure of MLM or network marketing itself, where most companies reward people such as me more for recruiting people than for selling products.

For me, I want to find some products I’m passionate about, and make people happy to have them. Maybe parlay my new consciousness about clean living into a business.   If someone or two or more people find that an attractive career path, then I’m all for bringing them on board, but I don’t want that to be my focus.  The focus should be on the product, getting it and the message of it into as many hands as possible.

Additionally, I want the company to be based in the USA, manufacture in the USA, preferably be on the east coast (faster shipping), and in the case of consumable products, have those products be as safe as is humanly possible, especially since I have a new interest in clean living.

Enter Poofy Organics, a company I found on the web maybe a couple of years ago, creating and manufacturing a line of organic personal and home care products endorsed by the EWG and in many cases, labeled organic by the USDA. The following video will really reflect the company’s values and what attracted me to this particular business.

I look forward to a great association with this company and hope many of you will join me in enjoying this safe, luxurious and affordable product line.

Now I’m a cancer diva AND a Poofy DIVA.  It was meant to be.


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