There is a Resource section, but I think shopping should have its very own place on this blog.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Of course you would.

Shopping when you have cancer becomes more special and so I offer what I’ve found to be the best products, in terms of quality, purity, selection, price and service.

Website Portals

Health and Beauty – No list of shopping sites would be complete without its inclusion, although personally, I rarely shop there.  Mostly for me, I find the customer service lacking, shipping a problem due to a personal address situation, and enough times, they are NOT the cheapest around.  However, I know they have legions of fans who would disagree.  I do however use the site extensively for comparison and reviews of products.  And, yes, there’s very little you can’t find here. – My site of choice in this category.  Carrying about 40,000 products, it’s easy to navigate, the search function works very well, prices are good, there’s lot of choices here between organic and commercial.  I buy my vitamins here and organic rice, beans, and other things.  Free s/h over $49, lots of sales and specials.  I keep a list on site and every couple of months stock up.



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